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Online Pind Daan Service for NRI or Very Busy Person

It is a service provided by us ,This service is for people who have not time to visit to VARANASI,GAYA ,Haridwar and ALLAHABAD, but want to give Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or departed family members, In this service, In place of you all the pooja is done by pandits for your ancestors, and he or she will give Pind or Tarpan to your ancestors inplace of you(so that the work on your behalf can be completed).e will deliver you the CD cassette of pooja to your given address.

This service is for people who have not some days to visit VARANASI, GAYA Haridwar and ALLAHABAD, or no any means of transport to reach INDIA or due to lack of time, he or she is helpless, but want to offer Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or any departed family members

The following information is required for offering Pind Daan -

The complete Name and Address of the person for whom you want to offer Pind Daan.
Your relationship with him. At what age He / She died. How many years or months or days back He or She died. Reason of Death Approximate Time of Death (in A.M. or in P.M.). Place of Death Scanned or Hard Copy of his or her Photograph (optional) One Photograph of deceased person. Name of family member on whose behalf the Puja is to be performed and a list of other family members.

Our Company’s management / Brahman team will monitor the event personally. We will organize “Pandit” ,”Places” and all Puja elements (Puja Itmes,Vidhi,Mantra) of Puja as per your community like Punjabi, Marwari, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengalies or Maharshtrian etc. We will arrange video recording for all these events./live option is also available.

Note: - According to Garuda Purana and many Religious books, anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf. It would be considered successful and all the credit will be yours, as if you performed them.

What is the credibility that your site will perform the rituals on my behalf ?

A complete video coverage and photographs of the event will be provided to you.

We also provide option on live telecast on request which gives you privlidege to watch the whole ceremony with your own eyes and entire family.

We promise and pledge to perform these events according to procedures mentioned in the Hinduism on your behalf. From prayers to arranging holy tours, everything is organized in a way that suits your schedule and follows the procedures mentioned in the holy books of Hinduism.


Pind Daan / Shradh in Varanasi (Kashi)

We provide all kinds of Pind Daan in Gaya (Shradh in Gaya), Vishnu Pooja covered of 54 vedies in Virahd Shradh by GAYAWAL PANDA (Brahm Kalpit Brahman) Normaly, Shradh have done in two method (Bidhi) -1.Parwat Shradh method 2. General Shradh method. Brahman Bhoj and Gao Dhaan is necessary in both method (Bidhi)

Railway Ticket Booking

We offer Indian Railway Reservation Ticket to our clients during the Gayaji Tirath Yatra thourgh our trusted IRCTC Agents or directly from Indian Railway coutner.

Airlines Ticket Booking

We offer the discount and cheap Airlines Ticket for all Airlines for any where in world to high class clients throught trusted airlines agencies or tour operators.

Hotel and Dharmshala Booking

We offer the staying arrange in Hotel, Guest House and Dharamshala booking in any area of Gaya and Bodhagaya according rooms availability and tourist budget to our International and National tourists during the Gaya Yatra.

Car and Bus/Coach on Hire

We provide Car and Bus Coach on hire basis for all pilgrims and tourists whithin Bihar and Jharkhand and local guide for Gaya, Bodhaya & Rajgir. Also, Tour package is available Gaya & Bodhgaya for pilgrims. Tour Guide We also provides Tour Guide on request.


Pind daan: Though Pind Daan can be performed at any of the banks of Holy River “Ganga” but the religious importance of performing Pind Daan lies at places like - • Gaya• Varanasi• Badrinath• Haridwar Allahabad Sangam• Jagannath Puri• Dwarka• Avantika Mathura• Ayodhaya• Siddhpur• Pushkar• Kurukshetra

Whenever a person dies, his soul goes in prêt yoni instead of pitra yoni and remains attached to this materialistic world. It is time of great pain for the soul as he wonders here and there on this earth in search of salvation.

It is only after Pind Daan, soul enters Pitra Yoni from Pret Yoni (Atma to Parmatma) and if pind daan is not performed on the name of departed one his soul will remain in prêt yoni till eternity. That is why it is mandatory in Hinduism to perform the ritual of Pind daan so that the departed soul can attain salvation and enters pitra yoni. It is also said that once you perform pind daan to your ancestors you will be freed from Pitra Rin (debt of ancestors) and by the grace of your ancestors it will bring good fortune and happiness to your family and you will feel ultimate mental satisfaction.

We provide genuine priests/panda in the below mentioned sacred cities of India to the people who want to visit these cities for the purpose of pind daan and related activities. Our team will personally monitor the entire event in the city and organize “Pandit” ,”Places” and all Puja elements (Puja Items, Vidhi,Mantra) as per your need and community like Punjabi, Marwari, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengalies, Maharashtrian etc.

If your family follows a certain procedure of offering prayers then that would be followed to ensure your satisfaction. If you do not know the procedure then our in house pandits will make you aware of the process and perform all the rituals as mentioned in the Hinduism

Asthi visharjan

We can arrange the AsthiVisarjan Ceremony at Kashi without any hassles. Kashi situated on the banks of river Ganga is considered to be the best place for AsthiVisarjan.

It is believed that the river Ganga possesses the power to wash all kinds of mortal sins and can give Moksha to the soul. According to the Hindu Mythology, the reason behind this power of the sacred river owes to its direction of flow.

It is a firm belief among the Hindus that an individual who dies in Kashi attains Moksha or Salvation. If the AsthiVisarjan of an individual is done at Kashi, the soul attains freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth. This makes the place crucial for the immersion of the last remains of the dead into the sacred river Ganges. Many people even come to Kashi during the last days of their life, so that they die here and attain salvation.


Shraadh is a kind of duty that needs to be performed by the heirs of the deceased person. The ritual if performed according to the ritual mentioned in the Vedas and Granthas, can give the individuals great benefits. We at Om divya darshan, perform the shraddha according to the procedure mentioned in the Granthas and Vedas.

Once the ceremony is done, the soul of the deceased gets relief and all your impediments and obstacles will be eradicated forever. We have knowledgeable priests who can perform the shraddha in a great way and do not charge you excessive amounts.

We do not have frauds in our team as we know the importance of such ceremonies and the emotions of the people attached with such ceremonies. We can assure you quality Pooja that is according to our Hindu tradition.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Pitras are our own ancestors who have been thrown into Pretha yonior any other lokas and asa result of this they become extremely restless and sad and expect to get mukti from that state through the karma of their successors they are considered to be more important to a person than any other devathaas(excluding sadguru) as they will be having blood relationship with their successors.

They are considered equal to Gods. as this body ours has come into existence because of our ancestors, pitra dosha nivaran is consideredto be a very important duty of a person. if the pitras are satisfied and happy with ur shraddha(actions offered with shraddha) they canbring joy and clear ur path to success in all spheres.

There are many rituals of Pitra Dosha Nivaran. Titr dosh is one of the biggest obstacle on the path to siddhi. Success is almost not possibleif one has pitra dosh in ones life. Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the Ancestors for sure as the horoscope of a person is drawn and decided rightat the time of his birth and accordingly any kind of defects are decided at the time of his birth which would include defects like Pitra Dosh.

Tirpindi Shradh

Tirpindi Shradh is done for those people who died unnaturally, to remove Preth Badha,And after Tirpindi Shradh all the Dificulties which is creating by ancestors or family member who died unnaturally is removed and This Shradh is very important for Satisfaction of Soul who died Unnaturally.

Naranyan Bali shradh

Narayan Bali Shardh is done to remove Pitra Dosh and Narayan Bali ritual is done to Satisfy the soul of ancestors and deadth people whose soul is wandering here and there in the world,And For getting Satisfaction the ancestors give Dreams to their Family Member,then Naranyan Bali shradh is done or When People have Pitra Dosh In his Kundli or Horoscope, And all the difficluties is removed which is obstrution in any type of good work due to Pitra Dosh.

Naag Bali Shradh

After the deadth of any people,When soul of the People enters in Naag Yoni and They take the shape of Snake or Naag,and comes in snake shape in the dreams of his Family Member,then Naag Bali Shradh is done.

Kalsharpyog Pooja

When any Person have Rahu and Ketu Present in his Kundli or Horoscope then the happiness is lost from his life and the People goes downward and downward in any aspect of life and Life of the People is under the influence of Deadth, then Kalsharpyog Pooja is done in GayaJi to remove Kalsharpyog Dosh from his Kundli or Horoscope.Other poojas: Apart from Pind daan and Asthi Visarjan, we also provide priests for other types of Pooja in the above mentioned cities like:

Narayanbali Pooja

This is special kind of Pooja which should be performed in case of unnatural death like accident, disease, suicide, death by fasting, killed by animal, fall from height, etc.

In all such cases some desires of soul remain unfulfilled and salvation cannot be achieved just by asthi visarjan and pind daan. According to garun puran, narayan bali Pooja is must for unnatural death and performed as earlier as possible after the death of an individual. Lord Vishnu is the main god of this Pooja and Pooja is performed to seek his blessings after which it is possible for departed soul to get ultimate peace

Naag Bali Shradh

After death, the souls of the ancestors enter Naag Yoni and take shape of snakes or naags. The indication is coming of snakes in one’s dreams.


It is special kind of Pooja performed to please Lord Shiva. It can be performed at any temple of kashi according to choice of our clients.

Nav Grah shanti Pooja

It is believed that stars and planets have great role in our life and this Pooja is performed to reduce their negative effect and increase their positive effect in our life.

The Puja Prasadam includes several Spiritual items, all of which are energized during the Puja and sent to our clients so that they can get maximum benefits & satisfaction from the Puja that has been done for them by our Guruji and his team of Brahmins.

The items included in the Puja Prasadam are as follows :
A Beautiful Chunri which can be placed on your Puja Altar or on the idols of Deity or Yantras
Kumkum (sacred vermilion) and Akshat (Rice) sent in small self locking bag to be applied on forehead after you have received the Prasadam
Energized Red Thread (Mouli) sent in small self locking bag to be tied on the Right Hand wrist for Males and on the Left Hand wrist for Females. Please note that this Mouli is very Auspicious and hence it can be tied on the hands of rest of your family members as well. This mouli creates a Protective and Auspicious Aura wherever it is tied.
An Energized Rudraksha Mala which may be worn by you or alternately the same can be kept on your Puja Altar
A Yantra which has been Energized during the Puja with Mouli tied around it. You may follow the Instructions regarding this Yantra (a few yantras can be kept at home while the others may have to be disposed off as instructed) depending upon the type of Puja
An Energized 5 mukhi Rudraksha bead which may be worn by you or alternately the same can be kept on the Puja altar / Cash Box
Energized Silver plated Locket with Mantra on paper inside it

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