Spiritual Tourism

Spiritual Tourism

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From time immemorial, man has searched for inner peace, serenity and tranquility.

The rush of daily living, and the fight to survive in this sometimes cruel world, produces tremendous stress, and stress is something that silently steals into mans system. It almost paralyses the heart, mind and brain. All wise women/men spoke about the need for solitude, the need to be in the presence of beauty. Mans soul yearns for loveliness, for quiet, and for peace.

India is a land of great natural beauty. One only has to find it. India had become the centre of religious and spiritual tourism where four major world religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated, while Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism arrived in the first millennium and shaped the region's variegated culture of India.Tourists come to India for its wealth of sights, cultural exuberance, diversity of terrain and in search of that special something, an extra punch that only India promises and delivers.

Teeming with over a billion people who voice over a million concerns in fifteen hundred different languages, India is where people live with variety, thrive on diversity and are too familiar with largeness to let it boggle them. Mud huts and mansions face off across city streets. Lurid luxury and limp living are inhabitants of the same lane. Tourism has become the second largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

In terms of visitor numbers, now India is 11th among Asia Pacific countries. There are several travel and holiday Resource box: destination in India. One of them is Rajasthan which draws a large gathering of tourists and travellers from every corner of the world. Rajasthan is one of the most popular golden destination of India. It is one of the most picturesque states of India and a land of magical legends which tale the saga of past glory. Resource box: Rajasthan is very famous for its festivals and are celebrated with great passion and eagerness.

Some of festivals of Rajasthan are Camel Festival, Elephant Festival, Nagaur Festival, Mewar Festival, Pushkar Festival, Teej Festival and many more. Resource box: Hotels in India offer visitors for online hotels booking. It helps visitors to choose the best hotels according to the services, facilities, place and other things. Booking hotels online is the best service provided by the internet to the people. Online hotel booking provides some seasonal offers and the main thing is price comparison.

The country is packed with a realm of overwhelming depths of culture and religion

It won't be any wrong to say that India offers an opportunity to experience the real pleasure of life and there is no parallel to it in the entire world. While wandering in various parts of India during the India tour, you can taste the real flavor of miscellaneous attractions like the fantabulous beaches, awesome temples, terrific beauty of hill stations and the astounding monuments. The country is packed with a realm of overwhelming depths of culture and religion, which is unique in the entire globe. In fact, India is a land that provides a wide variety of taste of tourism. There are numerous mysteries that the tourist can engrave during the India tour.

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