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Mission - Om Divya Darshan

Om divya Darshan is transforming the way Hinduism is practiced in India and abroad. While Hinduism's roots are ancient, Om divya Darshan is providing a new platform to unite a diaspora, relay a sacred image and go on pilgrimage from the comfort of a home compute. Given the large percentage of Indians who are employed in high tech industries abroad, it is only logical that the internet should play a major role in the creation of a Hindu identity in diaspora Indian communities throughout the world. The global Hinduism, formed to a large extent, tends to favor simplification over diversity and promotes a singular ecumenical version of Hinduism at the expense of smaller regional and sectarian traditions.

Another interesting feature of Hindu devotion through OM DIVYA DARSHAN is the transmission of the sacred image through Online Darshan, or "seeing," is the main point of contact between the human and divine realms in Hinduism, with the eyes of both the deity and devotee is of particular importance during worship. This divine audio visual contact now occurs online are thought to convey the same sacred glance that temple figures and posters convey. Similarly, attempts to recreate India's sacred geography by enabling devotees to go on pilgrimage from their home computers. We also help worshippers to order a puja, or aarti, at the Indian temples of their choice for a small fee and we also send the prasadham to devotee wherever they are
(any where in the world)

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