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Om Divya Darshan Membership Details

India is home to countless philosophies and belief systems. But however varied in its manifestation across her length and breadth, there is an underlying unity behind this diversity the culture of India is deeply rooted in spirituality. This can be credited in large part to the rishis ( sages), who taught the values of love, compassion, truth, and selflessness the essential universal principles of spirituality and established rituals and customs intended to preserve and pass on them to the future generations. These practices included temple worship; the four phases of life (study, family life, solitude and renunciation); chanting of mantras; festivals; bhajans; rites of passage to be performed by or for an individual beginning with conception and continuing up to the last rites performed after death. Over the ages, these rituals gradually lost much of their significance as people began to perform them as a matter of routine, going through the practices without giving a thought to the meaning behind the action. Later on the study of Vedas, the performance of temple rites were confined to Brahmins (priestly class). Many restrictions were imposed on the common public in matters of worship. For example, householders were forbidden from chanting the Sri Lalita Sahasranama (1000 Names of the Divine Mother). The modern society is suffering as a result of this decline in values.


Years of Experience

Varshik pooja

ODD offers yearly pooja packages with the 12 temples. Every month pooja will be performed at one temple and prasadam will be sent you by Indian Postal Service.

Pooja will be performed on AUSPICIOUS DAY of each month. You will receive Prasadam along with POOJA SLIP from the specified temple and our covering letter with order details from our end. following temples will be covered under varshik pooja:

  • Pujas
  • Vaishno Devi dham. (Jammu)
  • Chattarpur temple. (Delhi)
  • Radhe Krishna temple. (Mathura)
  • Goverdhan temple. (Goverdhan)
  • Har ki paudi (Haridwar)
  • Neelkanth mahadev mandir (Rishikesh)
  • Naina devi mandir. (Himachal pradesh)
  • Mansa devi mandir. (Haridwar)
  • Akshardham temple. (Delhi)
  • Kanak Durga temple. (Vijayavada)
  • Radha Krishna temple. (Vishakhapatnam)
  • Kali Ghat. (Kolkata)


At Om Divya Darshan, we offer membership plans for our visitors, once they are enlisted in our membership, they can enjoy religious tourism through out their life. We have various categories and one can select plans according to their needs.

Vaishnodevi( premium)

  • 1 yrs membership
  • 75,000/-Validity
  • 3 yrs Anywhere in India Includes Darshan, Accomodation,special Puja & Hawan at the pilgrimage.
  • All samagri & Pujari included.


  • 1 yrs membership
  • 100,000/-
  • Validity 3 years Anywhere in India
  • Includes, Flight, accommodation, food, special Puja & Pujari with all inclusive 90 days advance booking is mandatory

Viganharta (Basic)

Yearly membership with 1 pilgrimage 21,000/-
Family of 4: 2 adults + 2 children( under 10)
Accommodation & Darshan Valid for 1 year Anywhere in India, subject to availability 90 days Advance booking is required.

Trimurti( Basic)

3 years membership 51,000/-
Family of 4: 2 adults + 2 children( under10)
Validity 3 yrs Anywhere in India; subject to availability 90 days advance booking is required

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